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To be released in 2015
Status: Recording
Label: SYCO
  • Tamera Foster is currently prepping her debut album for release in 2015. The first single off the album is expected to be in summer.
Tamera in the studio
  • Here's a little peak into Tamera's studio world.
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[Music News] Tamera announces she has chosen her first single!

Tamera took to Twitter today to announce some pretty exciting news… She has chosen what’s going to be the first single from her debut album! Are you guys excited as we are? Expect the single to drop soon!

Posted by: Cristian on September, 15th in Music, News
[Music] Tamera featured on Parker’s new song “Identify”

Posted by: Cristian on August, 26th in Music, News
[News] Tamera about to release music?

Posted by: Cristian on June, 4th in Music, News
Merry Christmas!

Posted by: Cristian on December, 28th in Site Updates
[Photo] Tamera shares photo from the studio

Tamera took to Instagram a few days ago to share a photo from the recording studio. Check it out below.

Posted by: Cristian on October, 3rd in Music, Photos
[Photos] Tamera at Blake’s Nightclub

Tamera visited Blake’s Nightclub on May 21st. I’ve added 2 high quality photos to the gallery. Be sure to check them out below.

b1 b2

Public Appearances > 2016 > May 21st – At Blake’s Nightclub

Posted by: Cristian on June, 17th in Photos, Public Appearances
[Music] Tamera working with Chris Brown

Tamera took to her Twitter page yesterday to share a pretty exciting photo. Apparently, Tamera has been working with international superstar Chris Brown on new music. In the photo Tamera posted we can see Tamera and Chris in a recording studio together. Check it out below.

Posted by: Cristian on March, 5th in Music, News, Photos
[Photos] Tamera at London Fashion Week

Tamera attended the London Fashion Week on February 19th. I’ve added 5 high quality photos to the gallery. Be sure to check them out below.

Candids > 2016 > February 19th – At London Fahion Week

Posted by: Cristian on February, 20th in Candids, Photos
[Site Updates] Happy Birthday, Tamera!

Today is a very special day, it’s Tamera’s 19th birthday! TameraFoster.Org wants to wish Tamera the happiest of birthdays! Tamera, 2016 will definitely be your year and we look forward to hearing the music you’ve been working so hard on for the past 2 years. I’m so proud of you! I hope your day is blessed with happiness and that you are surrounded by love and friendship.


Posted by: Cristian on January, 28th in Site Updates
[Interview] Tamera: “The vibe of my album is very dark”

Tamera is featured in the new isse of Untitled Magazine where she talks about her debut album. Below you can check out some scans and the interview.

“I did not plan to go on The X Factor. It was a very spur of the moment thing for me as I decided to audition a week before. The moment I realized that I might actually be getting somewhere gave me real motive to grow up,” says Tamera Foster. “I wouldn’t say that the show gave me a sense of what kind of artist I wanted to be, but it gave me a stronger backbone to be a performer.” It takes guts to walk onto the stage of The X Factor and belt your heart out in front of millions, but Tamera is no one to shy away from a challenge, despite the fact that she was only sixteen at the time. Mow, two years later, it’s difficult to remember jusr how young she still is. From the moment she sang her cover of “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston, she caught the attention of both The X Factor UK judges and its fans, even tough she had to take a moment to remember her lines. Her audition video has been watch over seventeen million times on Youtube. Just recently, she signed to Simon Cowell’s Syco records, and has plans for a full length. “My album has taken me almost two years because I was also finding myself as an artist…The vibe of it is very dark. I wanted it to come from a very genuine place and I felt like I could draw out the most emotion from the bad place I was in three years ago. I won’t go into detail because I’m sure the album can do that once it’s out there. If I had to describe my album, I’d say it is the sound alternative to a Tim Burton movie.

As a young artists thrust into the spotlight, having your personal highs and lows played out in front of the world can be stressful. “I’m shit scared of having people look up to me and look to me for guidance, because I believe that making mistakes should be a free thing; no one should judge you for them.” She credits Missy Elliot as her icon. “I loved her when I was growing up, so crazy and comfortable with it, I always wanted to emulate her.”

Tamera is slated to make waves once her album drops. Talented, and possessed of preternatural intelligence, she is sure to go far in her career. “There’s too much bullshit going on in the world today to be picking sides. I feel like the world needs to come together as one and help each other out.” It’s understandable why she shirks the responsabilities of being seen as a role model, tough her words of wisdom certainly resound. “As a female you hold so much power, you are beautiful, fun and stronger than you will ever probably realize.”

Scans > 2015 > Untitled Magazine

Posted by: Cristian on December, 16th in Interviews, Magazines

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